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Liberty Expedia Holdings, Inc. holds ownership interests in Expedia, Inc. and  Expedia, Inc. is an online travel company, empowering business and leisure travelers through technology with the tools and information they need to efficiently research, plan, book and experience travel. Expedia's main companies include:, Classic Vacations, trivago, HomeAway and Orbitz Worldwide.  is an internet retailer of sports and fitness products, dietary supplements and a digital media publisher featuring health-and-fitness content, workout programs, video trainers, recipes, health advice and motivational stories. The online and mobile application e-retail model combines detailed product information and real-time user reviews for more than 15,000 dietary supplements and accessories to help consumers achieve their health, fitness and appearance goals.
Liberty Expedia Holdings, Inc. does not currently intend to pay cash dividends on any class of its stock.
Liberty Expedia Holdings, Inc. trades on the NASDAQ under the symbols LEXEA and LEXEB.
In the November 4, 2016 split-off, Liberty Interactive Corporation redeemed 0.4 of a share of Liberty Interactive Corporation’s Series A and Series B Liberty Ventures common stock in exchange for 0.4 of a share of the corresponding series of Liberty Expedia Holdings, Inc.’s common stock held as of the time of the redemption. 
The Series A common stock (LEXEA) has one vote per share, while the Series B common stock (LEXEB) has ten votes per share. The Series B common stock is exchangeable at any time on a one-for-one basis for Series A common stock.  The Series A common stock is not exchangeable for Series B common stock.
Although most of the businesses of these companies were once part of the same predecessor company, Liberty Expedia Holdings, Inc., Liberty Media Corporation, Liberty Interactive Corporation, Liberty Broadband Corporation, Liberty TripAdvisor Holdings, Inc., Starz and Liberty Global plc are separate public companies.
The November 4, 2016 split-off was structured to not be taxable to holders of Liberty Interactive Corporation’s Liberty Ventures common stock.
Liberty Expedia Holdings, Inc. holds an ownership interest in Expedia, Inc.  However, Expedia, Inc. is a separate public company (Nasdaq:  EXPE).
Liberty Expedia Holdings, Inc. has no direct stock purchase plan.  You can purchase the stock through a broker.
Yes. Information regarding annual meetings can be found on the Events & Presentations page under the Investor Relations section of our website. 
Liberty Expedia Holdings, Inc. reports financial results within 45 days after the end of the first, second and third quarters and within 75 days after year-end.
You can add your name to one of our distribution lists via the Contact Us section of our website, you can view the Press Releases section of our website or you can visit the Events & Presentations page under the Investor Relations section of our website. 
For more information on calculating your cost basis (tax basis) please visit the Stock Cost Basis section of our website. 
Liberty TripAdvisor Holdings, Inc.’s financial statements can be found under the Financial Information page under the Investor Relations section of our website or at
You can obtain information about your account or transfer ownership of your stock by contacting Liberty Expedia Holdings, Inc.’s transfer agent, Broadridge. Please go to the Contact Us section of our website or call Broadridge directly at (888) 789-8695.
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